LED high bay lighting

LED high bay lighting

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led high bay lighting dimension(unit:mm):

led high bay lighting feature:

①Energy saving, use the high power LED as light source, 80% energy saving than incandescent.

②Environmental Protection, no mercury and lead hazardous materials in the light which don’t pollute the environment. Without infrared and ultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, it’s green lighting products.

③Long lifespan 50,000 hours or more.

④Input voltage is AC85-265V wide range fit for most of customers’ request.

⑤ Use SMD2835 LED chips,High light efficiencylow heat produced, save much electricity.

⑥Constant current driver, no flicker.

⑦Straight ahead light and good directionality, higher light use efficiency than traditional lamps.

⑧The main heat sink is aluminum (DC12) with good thermal conductivity, LEDs touch the red copper plate, so that good heat dissipation

To achieve the desired effect of non-glare lighting surface according to the different food, high color rendering and the food color looks more real. It’s better for customer's to select the food.

led high bay lighting:

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