Food Chandelier

Food Chandelier

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40w led pendant, hanging fresh food pendant lighting,2015 new led supermarket light

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Five aluminum cover color VS five food

Red color cover ----meat; Orange color cover---bakery; Yellow color cover---deli;

Green color cover--greens;Blue color cover--dairy

Is your chocolate forming a white film?
Are the icings on your cakes fading?
Are the buttery creams and tasty fillings going hard and off-flavouring?
The lights in your retail bakery display case are most likely affecting your specialty bakery items.
Don't compromise the quality of desserts that contain eggs and dairy products.
Don't let your baked goods become stale
Stop colorful icings from fading and fruits from drying and wilting.
Use PROFRESH lights - the only balanced spectrum low radiation lighting that
truly highlights and protects the delectable treats within a bakery showcase!