Safty smart home accessories:wifi smart socket ,remote control your electronical appliances by phone.

Most of us are guilty on occasion of getting up late in the morning, rushing out the door and perhaps not leaving the house in the same way we might have done ,eg:ensuring all electronics are switched off.

For some electronics it won't matter if you leave them on, except for your utility bill at the end of the month, but for others it can be potentially dangerous to leave them switched on all day until you return home from work.

This is where smart plugs come in. They are simple devices that have the ability to make your electronics that little bit cleverer by connecting them up to your smartphone so you can switch them on or off remotely.
Home automation is the ability to power gadgets and appliances with an app that runs on your existing smart phone, tablet or a purpose built WiFi enabled device. The early technologies in this space focussed very much on one feature, for example powering your light switches or fire alarms, but as the technology has improved more and more comprehensive systems are coming out enabling you to control a number of things, all from your favourite devices.

Monitor and control your devices at the touch of a button.

You can set up to 10 timing schedule to control you appliances attached to the socket e.g. water push washing machine, micro wave Oven, fan, light, air-conditioning system, pet fader, garden sprinkler, garden lighting etc. It allows you to control appliances and monitor the energy consumption.
To change your home into a smart safty home as a Chrismas surprise ,just by smart wifi plug!